Friday, 11 May 2012



I like it's look. The European-style projector beam vertical headlight/marker light ( not the usual side by side). The comfy 2-up seat. The sturdy mirrors. The old fashioned gauges. The 12" rugged Duro (in Canada) tires. The peppy 2-stroke engine. The finish. The handling. The ride. Even down to the rubber rear brake lever protector shroud!
I chose this one over the Yamaha BWS, firstly because it was better value, and secondly....because it's a LAMBRETTA!
Yeah, yeah, the Lambretta snobs will say it's an imposter...but it's still a Lamretta.
Listen, I've owned a Lambretta innocenti... it was a 1965 LI 150. I loved it .....but this new Lambretta is way more reliable! Much less maintenance, bigger and better tires, no sloppy gear and clutch cables to adjust and replace, a rear brake that actually works and a fantastic front disc brake!
I've been riding my "Bobbie Dazzler" for a year now... to work and back 5 days a week. Only  3 snow days when I couldn't! We've done nearly 3000 km. together.
This little Dooay may not have the speed of the Li 150 but it's still quick off the mark! Only thing I miss is the wide front leg protection.

"BOBBIE DAZZLER"..Bobbi, for short.

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  1. hey i was wondering if you still have the scooter and if its still in good shape i'm interested in buying one! what can you tell me about them?