Monday, 4 June 2012



I've always thought that mudflaps give a nice finishing touch to any vehicle. I loved the look of the big flap on the back of some of the old Lambrettas.
So I decided I'd make one for Bobi.
After considerable debate....too light, too heavy... to flexible, too stiff...I finally decided to attach the flap with a hinge. This way, there would be very little strain on the rear fender.
The flap is made from a divers flipper. The heal and foot cover were removed with a pair of scissors (easier and safer than a Stanley knife). The bottom part of the flipper faces to the rear. I had to trim some off the bottom to provide enough road clearance when the scooter is off stand and bearing weight. (This can be done after it is attached).
The Union Jack adds a Mod touch!

Divers Flipper Mudflap

Whiskey Creek, B.C.

Cameron Lake,B.C.

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